Sunday, June 17, 2012

Macrame. A New Spin on a Retro Style

That's right....macramé is back! It not just for your grandma’s plant holder or on an old hippie belt anymore, it has become an art used to display high quality semi-precious stones in unique ways. Cabochons, or shaped stones without holes, are often used as the centerpiece of these unique pieces of jewelry. Whether you believe in the healing properties of stones or just like the look/feel of them... macramé jewelry is an innovative new style for all ages.

After the stones are carefully chosen, artisans wrap them with intricate knots around the circumference of the stone. The beauty of macramé is that the stones stay in place without any glue or wire. Cords range anywhere from hemp, cotton, to my favorite; waxed polyester. Linhasita waxed polyester cord gives a clean look to any jewelry, while providing a durable, non-fraying, water-proof piece of jewelry that will last for years to come. 

After the stones are wrapped, the possibilities are endless. Knots come in several forms and shapes. However, the larks head, basic square knot, and half hitch knot are the most common. Varying these knots, along with using different colors, sizes, and numbers, helps to create these elaborate patterns.
Artisan created macramé jewelry has become extremely popular in South America and Europe. It is slowly making its way here to the United States by way of tribal, gypsy, and boho-chic enthusiasts. Jewelry can range anywhere from a simple knotted bracelet to an elaborate spider necklace. The possibilities are endless! The one true element that reigns true to all one-of-a-kind macramé jewelry is that each piece tells a story about their creators and owners. You are literally wearing art around your neck, wrist, or in your ears. 

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