Thursday, November 29, 2012

Linhasita Waxed Polyester Cord Is in!

Linhasita Waxed Polyester Cord Is In! We just got in a huge shipment of new and sold out colors of Linhasita cord.

Our Artfire link to the cord is:

We have already uploaded all our cords for sale that you can view on our site . Contact us with any questions!

Sunday, November 11, 2012


Take advantage of our special of FREE SHIPPING worldwide for the holidays on Dan Garrick's prints, all based on his originals.

As technology continues to surge forward as the leading medium for communication in the world, one form of human expression cannot be captured in a web browser or emailed between friends.

Painting is the form of expression that still holds true to its fundamental core – it’s reason for existence and it’s secure place in the human experience. Handwork, size, texture and color cannot be replicated as pixels.

I create artwork that captures the attention of the human eye and holds a viewers’ attention with weaving patterns, repetition and line variation that play with perception. Rich line-work and tight paint-strokes achieved through additive and subtractive painting styles weave around the planes of my paintings. I add four-point perspective to capture your eye and control your eye’s movement to a point of light or the point where subject matter, hidden at first to the eye, enters into the viewers’ conscience. My goal is not to over paint, but rather to give your eye much needed rest from the strain of looking at a computer screen or television for long periods of time.

Dan Garrick


Dan Garrick studied fine arts at the Art Institute of Chicago. He has been painting since he was three years old and has refined his unique and innovative professional art over the years. The prints being sold by Beckinka are high quality copies of original art created by Dan over the past few years. The drawings are intricate pencil or ink drawings that tell a story. There are also prints of his watercolor drawing as well. Inquire within to discover more insight into the inspiration behind the drawings displayed here. Originals are available upon request for certain artwork. For more of Dan’s artwork, check out

Happy Veteran's Day!

Thanks to all our veterans! It's a huge sacrifice that should never go unnoticed! You are truly appreciated!

Friday, November 9, 2012

Free Shipping!

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